Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 Winter Olympics Third Rock!

Well it has certainly been an emotional time. I left home last week on Wednesday for the village where I grew up. I was head for the ICU bedside of my elderly mother who had been involved in a car crash. She broke and dislocated her arm but the real problem was the pulmonary embolism that formed later. On the seven hour trip I was contacted about confirming the order for the Olympic Third Rock for the Winter 2010 games in Vancouver BC. I explained that the piece was started but not anywhere close to being finshed and that I could not meet there timeline which was essentially - we need this now! Although a great compliment and something I was very eager to do there was no decision to make and I just kept driving. I did however offer to return, if all went well with Mom, Sunday and to work thirty hours over two days to complete the piece. And they agreed! This made me very very happy and put considerable pressure on my performance -as you might expect. Mom made steady improvement over the five days I was there and I felt very comfortable leaving here in the capable supervision of the staff at the hospital and my sister Beverly who is a nurse. I did return and worked diligently and was extremely pleased with the outcome. I modified the fire pit to be capable of accepting a 150,000 gas burner and raised it about ten inches from the normal height plus added a round base plate. It has been crated up (put those carpenter skills to work) and headed out for the Olmpic Village where it will reside at an inner courtyard surrounded by the athlete's residence. If my family and I get security clearances we will go visit and be certain - we will take and share some pictures!

PS Mom is getting stronger and is now back in her home, thanks for your prayers and cards!

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